Vendor Info Page

The Organizers: 

Kayleigh Axford:

Kayleigh handles the front end organizing for the LFF. She keeps in contact with our venue, and takes care of any public speaking. 

She is currently attending Fanshawe College, and working a boring adult job. Creatively Kayleigh enjoys drawing, painting and photography. She is a feisty armoured marshmallow who loves pokemon, petting all the animals, and naps.

You can find Kayleigh on Instagram

Brandilee MacMullin

Brandilee handles the back end organizing for the LFF. If you are contacting the LFF, or interacting with them on social media it will be Brandilee you are speaking with. She also handles all the applications and maintaining the website.

She is a graduate of UWO, and works a boring adult job. Creatively Brandilee makes collages,  mixed media art, and runs her own blog. She will talk your ear off about her cats, and is a fervent lover of hippos, One Direction, and Taylor Swift

You can find her on instagram

Or see her art, and read her blog at The Rugged Vagina 

Payment and Donation Information

Payment Information:

The fee for the fair is $20.

You can pay it on the day of the fair when you receive your table assignment, or you can send it through email to: [email protected]

(If you do decide to send it through email, please also email [email protected] so Brandilee can make sure you have been marked as paid.)

Donation Information:

The donation for the raffle can be sent in at anytime as long as it arrives at least two weeks before the fair.

You can send it to:

Brandilee MacMullin

818-501 Wilkins St 

London, ON 


or if you live in London and want to set up a pickup, that can be arranged. 

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