Performance Info

Terms & Conditions for performances:

  1. Performances must be festive & feminist in content
  2. No performer shall treat any person in a manner that is rough, menacing, vulgar,
    profane or abusive.
  3. Performances must not have vilification of any community members, including but not limited to racial, sexual, gender or disability discrimination.
  4. Donations for performances may be accepted passively in an instrument case or
    other receptacle. The receptacle may include a small sign, which informs the public that
    such donations are sought. Sign must be legible, neat, and presentable. Performers are
    not permitted to actively solicit donations by word of mouth, gesture, mechanical device,
    or second parties.
  5. Drinking of alcoholic beverages or performing while intoxicated is prohibited.
    Smoking in performance locations is prohibited.
  6. Performers are responsible for moderating the volume of their performance to a level
    appropriate to the surroundings. Accompanying music via MP3 player is permitted but
    performers may not have any amplification on their instruments.
  7. Performers shall immediately comply with requests of Women’s Events Committee or they will be escorted from
    the property.
  8. You must operate in a professional manner with courtesy to all WEC members, volunteers, atendees, and vendors. festive