Greetings potential London Feminist Fair Vendor!

London Feminist Fair is  an event hosted by Women’s Events Committee.  It is an inclusive event and we welcome all feminist crafters and makers of handmade goods to apply for a vendor spot.  Please note, we do not accept applications from multi level marketing companies like scentsy, sweetlegs, doterra etc. Please ensure you read our terms and conditions carefully before applying. 



Terms & Conditions:
All applications must be online and will be numbered as received. Hand delivered applications will not be accepted.

The fee for London Feminist Fair is $30, plus a donation for our raffle of an item from your stock worth a minimum of $10.

The vendor must pay their fee before they set up for the day. You can pay via e-transfer, during donation pickup, or at the event before set up.

We will be doing a donation pickups in London & Surrounding area, stay tuned for dates. If you are coming in from out of town, a picture of your donation item will suffice.

Table assignments and electricity are assigned on a first come, first served basis. We will attempt to accommodate specific requests. Please let us know if you have any in the application.

The crafter agrees to release The London Feminist Fair from any loss due to fire, theft, breakage or other cause, and all liability for injury during the fair.

The crafter will be responsible for any damage they may cause and will leave their space clean and orderly upon departure.

Due to fire regulations, items cannot be placed in the aisles in front of the tables and all backdrops and screens must conform to your allotted space. All open flames (candles, potpourri warmers, etc.) are prohibited.

If participating as a crafter, The London Feminist Fair Committee reserves the right to have items removed that are considered not appropriately handmade. Items cannot be simply purchased for resale.
We reserve the right to select vendors based on the product quality and/or to ensure that we have a suitable balance of product.

All crafters are obligated to stay through the close of the Craft Fair. No crafter may breakdown their booth before the end of the event.

This is a feminist event, and EVERY BODY is welcome at WEC events. We are always LGBTT2SQQIAAP inclusive. We ask that you always be respectful to everyone attending, and vending.