The London Feminist Fair (LFF) is an event hosted by the Women’s Event Committee (W.E.C). W.E.C was founded in 1998 as a means for women to gather and plan women focused events. Currently W.E.C. also organizes and hosts Take Back the Night, a vigil for the National Day Of Action and Remembrance on Violence Against Women (Dec 6), an International Women’s Day celebration, and a Women’s pride event.

W.E.C. is committed to accessibility, intersectionality, and inclusion at all of our events

LFF hosted its first feminist handmade crafter/maker fair in the summer of 2018, and endeavours for it to be an annual event.


Building a community for feminist crafters/makers is an important part of LFF. We want to create an environment where folks feel supported and connected to other like minded people. While we are a craft fair that aspires to give crafters/makers the opportunity to sell their creations,we also want them to feel inspired and included.  


LFF is committed to being an inclusive and safe space for everyone. We have zero tolerance for anyone who is disrespectful, abusive, or intolerant. We want our vendors, and attendees to feel comfortable and accepted when they attend any LFF event. If there is any disturbance in the force, we will act upon it to ensure balance is restored. 


Part of creating a community for feminist crafters/makers is providing opportunity. Due to this, LFF keeps its vendor fees low so that we can welcome established, and new crafters/makers. We also choose to hold our events in larger venues so that we can provide opportunities to a larger number of crafters/makers. 


In an effort to be committed to our goal of helping to create an inclusive community, we also believe it is important to help give visibility and financial support to other community organizations whose belief systems are similar to ours. Each LFF event chooses two community groups to benefit from the proceeds of our raffle draw. This raffle is made up of prizes donated by the LFF vendors as part of their vendor fee. 


Coming .. some month soon!


Details to be announced soon! 


Vroom Vroom


The wheels on the bus will get you close. 


Raffle is a definite and will be overseen by our fabulous raffle Queen Natalie


2020 Vendors will be as fabulous as all previous vendors! 

London Feminist Fair is all about team work, and each of the organizers of LFF bring their own brand of awesomeness to the table. 


Professional Cat Wrangler

Brandilee is a crazy cat lady who is passionate about Hippos, Cats and Intersectional Feminism. She takes care of the behind the scenes parts of LFF; such as social media and the website. 


Professional Dog Spotter

Kayleigh is all about her pets, Pokemon, and spotting all the dogs everywhere she goes. She takes care of the communications, and logistic details of LFF. She makes things happen. 


Caroline is a queer goth jock who loves witchcraft and powerlifting. They are a vendor and a consultant helping out.


Library Enthusiast

Jill has a lot of plants which she is trying very hard not to over-water. She likes Excel spreadsheets, zines, and working with the fine folks pictured here. She is also a consultant and will be helping on the day of the fair.


London Feminist Fair 2019
London Feminist Fair 2018